with the most modern desktop publishing tools, we study the graphic design for every type of communication


we produce prints of any kind enriched by relief and hot impressions, glossy or opaque plastic, painted u.v ...


we create interactive websites and interactive catalogs with multimedia add-ons for every kind of need


together with our publishing house, the B&B editions, we are always open to new writers and the publication of their writings


Comunicarte studies and realizes, with the help of the most modern desktop publishing tools, the graphic design for every type of communication.

Promotional and advertising campaigns:
Catalogs, folders, posters, advertising leaflets, packaging, ...

Corporate communication:
Company logos, coordinated image, internet sites, house-organs, newsletters, editorial graphics, ...

Performs accurate bookmaking, bookmaking and brochure work.

To ensure the highest quality standard, it controls all phases of production: from layout to photo making, from implant to printing.

The coordinated image

Today a company needs to be reliable and competitive, but above all it needs an identity that transmits its values. In other words, a company that wants to be strong in the market, it has to be associated with its own social name, brand, logo, graphic style that distinguishes it and makes it recognizable.
Serving a well-researched corporate identity is essential to communicate optimally with your target. Communicating it offers advertising services and custom editorial graphics based on individual needs.
The logo - brand is the distinctive sign of a company:
Identifies it in the community, constantly remembers its services and products, and distinguishes itself from the competition.
Communicating offers you the experience gained in the field for the realization and restyling of brands and logos. The new brand will be an effective means of immediate acknowledgment of the products and services offered, will guarantee its quality and promote its development.
Letterhead is part of the corporate co-ordinator.
It is usually designed with business cards and envelopes to provide the same "look" from here as "coordinated image".
That is why it is important to put it right.

Esprimersi mediante immagini,
generare emozioni

come in un gesto con fantasia e precisione,
sono il punto di partenza di comunicarte,
al fianco dei propri clienti
nel mondo della comunicazione visiva,
linguaggio senza tempo

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